March 12th, 2018

Paragon supply chain demo ready for you to test!

Smart contracts matter

Supply chain tracking from seed to sale for the entire cannabis industry represents what is perhaps the most important element of our business model.

We are proud to announce that we have completed a functioning demo of our Supply Chain Tracking element based on smart contracts. As our developers continue to develop and work on our full seed-to-sale tracking solution, we felt it would be valuable to share a functional demo for the community to test.

Our proof of concept has demonstrated that a functional supply chain tracking tool based on smart-contracts functions and incorporates all necessary data as intended. In this initial demo we have included Farmers, Harvest data, Laboratories and Lab reports.

Within this demo you can:

  • Add farmers to the system
  • Input an elementary harvest data batch, linked to a specific farmer.
  • Add a laboratory for testing the product
  • Input a laboratory expertise connected to a specific farmers batch
  • Replicate the loss of all local data and retrieve all data from smart-contract storage
  • “Hack” data, changing it within the local database, then comparing it to smart-contract data
  • Create QR labels for harvested batches prior to transportation

We invite you all to use this demo yourself!

You can access this demo platform here

A guide for using this demo is available here

Be sure to register an account for the demo in order to use it!

This demo has been created to demonstrate how Paragon will use smart-contracts for data storage and redundancy.

Mobile app and beta releases

We are now working hard to prepare our full seed-to-sale tracking system for both mobile and web to enter their respective beta stages and pilots. Paragon is in talks with various large and global industry parties in the cannabis industry.

On April the 20th, Paragon will start large scale pilots with industry partners, governments and parties who have applied to test our solutions.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get nearer and nearer to our formal beta release of the Paragon mobile and web-based application for full supply chain tracking.

For the devs among you - please check out our new pushes to GitHub here!