August 16th, 2018

Paragon and Civic Announce Partnership

Paragon Partners with Civic Technologies to Integrate Identity Verification Services with the Development of its Mobile App.


This partnership will help strengthen Paragon’s developments towards transparency across the cannabis industry. By utilizing Civic’s technology within the Paragon app, individuals will provide their state ID’s and licenses for verification - a functionality especially useful for proof of age to ensure compliance. Paragon will be implementing this feature in the app as soon as the integration of this tech is ready.

“Through its decentralized architecture with blockchain and biometrics, “ said VerSteeg, “the Civic platform will provide us with the most secure multi-factor authentication process to control and protect the identities of our users.”

Alongside the Civic integration, Paragon is preparing to launch phase one of their mobile application. Users will be able to access a PRG wallet in the app, where they can send and request payments to other individuals and businesses within the ecosystem. In addition, there will be extensive functionality for the ParagonSpace- slated for launch this summer in Los Angeles. Members of the cannabis co-working space will be able to pay for access, services, view events, and manage their personal dashboards for full access to the community.

About Civic Technologies

Civic is a visionary blockchain identity-verification technology that allows consumers to authorize the use of their identities in real time. They are spearheading the development of an ecosystem that is designed to facilitate on-demand, secure, and low-cost access to identity-verification services via the blockchain.

Civic recently introduced a Civic token that participants in the ecosystem will use to provide and receive identity-verification-related services. The company sold $33 million of its tokens during its token sale event in June 2017.

While work on Paragon's seed-to-sale tracking solution is still underway, the development team is nearing the completion of the cultivation stage functionality and preparing for industry testing and pilots.

More information is available in the Summer Update here and a demonstration of the smart-contract technology for supply chain tracking here

For more information about Civic or to become a Civic business partner, visit

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