December 05th, 2017
Our first Paragon Space will be opening in LA


Our Paragon Spaces sit at the heart of our business model. The concept for a Paragon Space was derived from the persistent lack of working spaces for entrepreneurs and employees working in and for the cannabis industry. 

As a result, we at Paragon want to address that demand with a real high-tech solution, our very own Paragon Space. These buildings will be accessible in 2018 for all to rent a desk, office or a conference area - there will also be a cafe for all your food and drinks needs. 

So why rent at Paragon Space? We will be below the market average and offer a highly competitive pricing structure for those who wish to work at our Space - but most importantly, we will only accept PRG tokens in exchange for desk space, drinks and everything else. 

So whats next?

The first step is done - defining the location of the very first Paragon Space. This flagship location was voted on by the community, with Los Angeles securing the first spot.

Step two is to acquire a building for Paragon Space to utilize. A building is only a building until you make it something more, and that will take some time. Recently, the Paragon exec team signed LOI’s with several real estate agents in the area and will continue viewing potential locations for the Paragon Space flagship.

Further, Paragon has signed long term agreements with advisor Bakary Soumare, owner of the Pitch, a leading construction company. We have also signed a long term agreement with Robert Escobar, a team member who is one of the top operations specialists in the country. With the help of both Bakary and Robert, we will ensure that the first Paragon Space is streamlined, high tech, efficient and simply stunning!

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Best regards,

Paragon Team

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