October 16th, 2018

New beginnings

Paragonians! Paragon has experienced quite a warm LA welcome since launching California’s first cannabis co-working space two months ago. With multiple companies working out of ParagonSpace as well as a full event schedule, the team has been busy working hard to help unite and educate the cannabis community!

Tech Updates

Phase 1 of the Paragon app is now live! Our first functionalities include the Paragon wallet for your PRG and ETH, and a portal to manage your ParagonSpace membership.

Download our app now for iOS or Android and sign up as a Paragonian!

Within the Paragon wallet you can send and receive both ETH and PRG, but also send out requests to contacts. Add a user and their wallet address as a contact to simplify and speed up the process of future transactions. The request feature allows for app users to send requests to each other and include a description surrounding the payment. This feature allows you to easily identify incoming requests from contacts and review your past payment history.

Our ParagonSpace users will have access to a vast array of services. Users can view booking availability for memberships, reserve offices, as well as pay the bill with PRG directly in the app. For memberships, users will receive monthly invoices in the app – reminding you ahead of time and enabling fast and easy payment in PRG.

Want to checkout the cool stuff going on at ParagonSpace? Head over to the events section to view the upcoming calendar and RSVP

We’re currently giving our website a makeover, to make sure there is plenty of in-depth information there for you surrounding our business verticals. We will be including dedicated subsections for the ParagonSpace and for the ParagonChain solutions. This will allow you to read all about ParagonSpace, but also get a better understanding of where we are with our seed-to-sale tracking!

Check out the website later this week!

ParagonSpace Updates

We have grown our team at ParagonSpace since our last update and we are beyond excited to welcome our new hires to the community!

Alice Moon has come on board as our PR Manager after her long stint as a cannabis entrepreneur. Moon has held a variety of positions within the industry including budtending, writing, brand development, creative consulting and event production. She is most notably known for founding her own cannabis tech start up, which was nominated Best Tech 2017 by Dope Magazine Awards. Her 7 years of experience in the cannabis industry has landed her features in LA Weekly, High Times, Viceland, Civilized, CNN and more.
Brit June has joined the team as Paragon’s Business Development Associate. Her eclectic background includes Product Development at major fashion house Ralph Lauren, structuring back of house and creative development for hospitality companies, boutique cannabis cultivation, as well as owning a 1 on 1 cannabis formulation company. June is also familiar with the process of building creative businesses, recently securing over $72K in crowdfunding for a passion project turned illustrious company.
Richard Elena has also joined our team as a Business Development Associate. Elena is the co-founder and lead grower of Vital Bloom cannabis and has worked directly with companies such as Krypted Inc, Safari Extracts and Vader Extracts.
Camie Cutter is the co-founder of That Taffy & Reefer Rolls and currently a cannabis consultant for vertical companies. After watching the legalization movement in Colorado and Washington states, she quit her job as a commercial pilot to follow her passion of cannabis. She built an edible company up from her kitchen table into the top selling edible brand in Oregon. She was also responsible for transitioning the company from medical to recreational operations, and licensed it without taking any outside investment.

ParagonSpace is proud to welcome our new members Buddy App, Lizzy Tish Cookies, KoeCreate, and Pearl Pharma to the community!

Share with us about what you’d like to see more of within the space! We still have a membership packages available so apply here today or enter to win a day pass!

Accelerator Program

Paragon is excited to announce that we will soon be launching an accelerator program to help businesses build out as well as help connect them with investors to secure funding. Stay tuned for more information!

Paragon Partnerships

From our pop-up shop, to our launch event, to getting ParagonSpace up and running, we owe a huge thank you to all the companies we’ve worked with thus far.

Platforms and Services

Media and Content

Brands and Products

Stay tuned to hear about the awesome partnership opportunities we have coming up for our Paragonians.

Event Highlights

We’ve been having a blast with all of the amazing events that Paragon has been a part of - a huge thank you goes out to the community for allowing us to support their vision!

Here are a few of the events that Paragon has hosted since the September launch:

Our very first event was the "Eat Yo Veggies" Comedy night. The show was hosted by Abby Roberge and featured The Lucas Brothers, Morgan Jay, Ashley Barnhill, Jamar neighbors and DJ KimiaZ. We welcomed the community to bring blankets and snacks to enjoy at this sold out event and guests were treated to an open bar by Tsigntao and Mixwell with goodies provided by Green Helix and Fero.

SCCBIG has been holding re-occuring events that include investor brunches, presentations and MeetUps discussing all things tech, cannabis and investment. This educational series has proven to be a valuable resource for the community.

Daily High Club held a charitable Halloween event benefiting Dana Farmer Cancer Institute. The event attracted over 200 attendees including influencers Koala Puffs, MacDizzle, Joya G, Queen Cyn, and SilencedHippie who have a combined instagram following of over 800,000 people. The event featured a plethora of well known brands including Pride Wellness, LA Kush, Moose Labs, Eyce, Bees Knees, Humdinger, Blazy Susan, Brass Monkey and Dixie

Blunt Talks hosted their Ted Talk inspired presentations with speakers including Sherbinskis, Sam Zartoshty, Camie Cutter, Raj Chauhan and our very own Paragon CEO Jessica VerSteeg. Blunt Talks featured numerous brands including Lizzy Tish Cookies, Soko, Rove, Wild Roots, High Demand Development, Sonoma Pacific, Lit Club, Grow Studios and VapeXhale.

To see photos of our past events visit our Facebook page here!

Upcoming Events

Paragon is excited about the variety of events we will be hosting and attending.


Paragon will be hosting SCCBIG’s monthly MeetUp on campus for investors, operators, advisors, and entrepreneurs in the medical cannabis industry.


Industry leader V will be holding a Women & Weed social event at Paragon Space at which attendees are encouraged to network and form relationships while enjoying music, and catered food.


Paragon is excited to welcome award nominated Kurvana on campus to host their private luncheon event featuring their new CBD product line.


Kikoko, a female owned and focused cannabis tea company, will be holding a private on site training and educational luncheon in the ParagonSpace courtyard.


The Paragon team is headed to Vegas to connect with thousands of the industry’s visionary’s and leaders at the world’s largest cannabis conference, MJ Biz Con.


Thanks to everyone who participated in Jessica VerSteeg’s recent Instagram contest. Jessica received hundreds of entries by brands interested in having their product photographed with her! Congrats to the female owned brand @humbleflowerco who received the most votes!

Don’t forget to follow @paragonspace on Instagram for your chance to win our future giveaways!

In the Press

Best regards,
Paragon Team