February 22nd, 2019


Paragonians! We’ve been working diligently for the last year and a half developing the back end of our software. Now that we have started working on the front end and are approaching release dates of various modules of the platform, we are excited to share more details about the app features along with our projected roadmap for 2019.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain smart contracts are ideal for recording and facilitating the exchange of value, goods, services, and private data. Once information is stored on the blockchain, it is impossible to delete because altering a record retroactively will affect all linked blocks in the network. We can take advantage of the digital and verifiable nature of blockchain to solve the current fragmentation within the cannabis, agricultural, and healthcare markets. Smart contracts can immediately serve a number of businesses within the cannabis industry, and provide accountability in a way no other technology can offer:

  • Provides an immutable ledger that offers permanent verification of every past transaction, so it builds trust
  • Stores all product lifecycle events forever in an easy-to-retrieve system
  • Allows multiple apps to simultaneously interact with any piece of information stored in the blockchain
  • Facilitates peer-to-peer transactions
  • Allows for the creation of decentralized marketplaces


Due to the increased demand for CRM features among cannabis distributors and cultivators, we are excited to release an introductory feature called Opportunities. With Opportunities, buyers and sellers will be able to register and get a first look into the ParagonChain Main Module.

The Paragon Ecosystem

Main Module

Paragon’s main module will connect every party in the Paragon ecosystem, including cultivators, testing labs, distributors, manufacturers, and dispensaries, that are seeking transparency, efficiency, and reliability. Each step in the chain of custody will be encrypted and stored in a custom secure blockchain.

Key Features of The Main Module:

Company Management: This will allow supervisors to monitor employees, grant permissions to access certain parts of the business, as well as maintaining company license information, contacts, and more. Whether managing company’s facilities or delivery personnel, verifying transactions or sending and receiving invoices -- everything needed to stay on top of business operations will be accessible through the company’s dashboard.

Communication Tools: This feature will be helpful when there is a need to keep track of correspondence with your business partners, schedule calls and meetings, coordinate and plan transactions, and solve the logistics problems. All communications will be encrypted and accessible by participating parties only.

Rate and Review: This system will help to keep Paragon safe from bad actors and unprofessional use. We are implementing this feature to generate positive customer engagement, and to help businesses build a reputation by allowing their customers to provide feedback on products and services. Ultimately, the customers will be able to sort companies not only by offering type, but by the rating and other criteria that can help making the final call.

Compliance: Paragon is developing a fully compliant solution capable of reporting all necessary data to government organizations and law enforcement agencies. We are following the guidelines established by the state, and taking Metrc® architecture into account when creating new products and categories. We will be able to guarantee the highest level of accountability when it comes to keeping your records organized and in ready-for-audit format.


Inventory management is a default feature that will be built into every module and will provide the ability to originate and transfer products internally or externally.

Every product will have a unique ID and QR-code, which can be used to verify necessary information, or move the product through the different phases of its seed-to-sale journey. The Paragon mobile and web apps will simplify the process of inventory management, sending, and receiving.

Users will be able to print new tags with QR-codes for repackaged or remanufactured products on-the-go using the mobile app. Adding new products to inventory or receiving transfers from other licensees will be easier than ever with the Paragon app.

  • The implementation of RFID-tags will allow for full automation of inventory tracking from the moment of pick-up.
  • Users will be able to keep precise accounting of products with authenticity assurance and significantly reduce risk of a loss.
  • Once implemented, Paragon will help to track inventory in between rooms as well as entry and exit points during transfers with the help of RFID-tags and user defined rooms or territories.


Paragon is developing a software for distributors to run their own decentralized marketplace which will be integrated directly into the seed-to-sale system. Products that distributors list on the marketplace will have confirmed lab results which will be fully synchronized with each seller’s current inventory.

Paragon will facilitate the creation of the marketplace, with the terms of each B2B transaction recorded into a smart contract. Products listed in the marketplace will have guaranteed transparency -- the information throughout a product’s lifecycle will be securely recorded in Paragon’s blockchain, eliminating the possibility of tampering with or faking the data.

Before finalizing the details of each deal and creating a new smart contract, our system will verify that all conditions pertaining to each particular type of transaction are met, together with the verification of participating parties licensing information and the capacity to make a deal. Paragon will then generate and distribute the necessary manifests needed to successfully finalize the deal.


The Distribution module will sit at the very heart of Paragon’s ecosystem, as distributors play a major role in the process of transferring products in between licensees, together with repackaging and storage. Paragon will provide further utility by allowing distributors to create different rooms within the licensed facilities, and assign access to employees in order to maintain the inventory.

Distributors will be able to: create new shipments by selecting products from inventory, provide the dimensions of the new package(s), and specify the recipient’s contact information. Paragon will provide easy management of vehicles, delivery personnel, as well as other depo features, like assigning drivers to delivery orders, controlling incoming and outgoing orders, and tracking delivery progress in real time.

Scheduling and coordinating the R&D and Compliance testing of the product(s) will be conveniently built into the Distribution module. With automation and authentication for state mandated quarantine lab tests, we will be offering the most reliable way to ensure products are in full compliance and never leave the facility while undergoing tests.


Paragon is looking to become the first truly mobile seed-to-sale tracking solution for cannabis cultivators. The biggest advantage we will provide, besides back-end security and reliability with blockchain, will be the ability to execute the most complex tasks on-the-go with the help of Paragons Cultivation module. Mobility is important for small and midsize businesses, who make up the majority of cultivators in California.

There are multiple stages in the lifetime of a plant that need to be logged and reported. We will take every step necessary to collect the information by using individual plant ID tags, that will allow for efficient adjustments to every plant in the same lot. Paragon will track every harvest batch and package all the way to through transfer to the next licensee.

To go even further, we will prompt the cultivators to create packages that can be privately sold or transferred in the Paragon ecosystem. Alternatively, finalized packages and products will have the ability to be placed for sale, thus facilitating the creation of the marketplace, where participants will be able to trade products and services.

Cultivators will be able to seamlessly track every plant, batch, strain, or product, and transfer to other licensees with the help of digital manifests, which will be permanently recorded in Paragon’s immutable ledger.

Germification / tissue culture propagation (Nursery): Here, cultivators will be able to define the duration of the germification cycle, the type of lighting, humidity level, pH conditions, as well as the germification method they are using.

Seedling (Nursery): Cultivators will be able to provide the humidity and pH conditions to update the information in the crop, as well as the seedling method used, and they will be able to report the waste.

Vegetative: Selecting the right amount of light and type of growing agent and additives are the crucial pieces of information that will need to be recorded in the products history. One will be able to control climate, and verify the transplant details if needed, report the waste, and move plants to the next stage.

Flowering: Watering is very important during this stage, and so is keeping the records of growing mediums and fertilizers used. Growers will be able to select the duration of the stage and separate female flowers from male flowers to determine the amount of plants in the final harvest.

Harvest: Cultivators will be able to weigh in the wet and dry harvest, trim, and waste accumulated during this stage.

Finalizing harvest batches: This is where growers will be able to save the crop data from all the previous phases into a smart contract. From this moment on, users will be able to create batches and prepare products for packaging. Every product will be assigned an individual QR-code with every piece of information about the plant and particular strain, accumulated from the very beginning of the cultivation process.


When cannabis plants are harvested, they are divided into separate batches of flower, trim, or fresh frozen, and transferred to the next stage - manufacturing. Paragon’s software will only request specific data based on the product type being created. Paragon will cover every step of the manufacturing process from simply repackaging the flower for pre-rolls, to engaging in more sophisticated manufacturing techniques, with both volatile or non-volatile solvents.

One will be able to efficiently record the input and output weights, extraction, terpenes, cutting agent, winterization loss, and waste. They will also be able to maintain a log of every aspect in the manufacturing process, including the labor costs, product packaging, labels and more. With this feature, it will be possible to automate the delivery of recurring materials from the vendors in Paragon’s ecosystem and added outside vendors.

From keeping track of the yield percentages and terpene content in the sauce production, to calculating the direct production costs, like gas or dry ice, machine operating expenses and the prices of raw materials -- everything needed to run the manufacturing business will be built into one powerful tool that will help cannabis professionals stay organized and make educated business decisions.

Paragon Manufacturing module will support:

  • Majority product types, including: flower, pre-rolls, crude, shatter, crumble, butter, terp sauce, distillate, edibles rosin, live resin, and ice-water extracts
  • Complex manufacturing operations, which will include multiple product iterations and transfers in between licensees


Putting lab results on Paragon’s blockchain will protect the reputation of each lab as it will prevent suppliers from altering lab results that are locked into a smart contract. It will also protect the companies testing products by holding the lab accountable for all results they produce, encouraging labs to properly clean equipment between tests and have all machines properly calibrated. This will result in an overall greater level of confidence from regulators and in system participants to provide the most accurate results that will keep patients safe.

Paragon is developing software solutions with mobility in mind. Business owners, managers, and employees will benefit greatly by being able to execute operations on-the-go. Take back control of your time and stay on top of business wherever you are!

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