February 20th, 2019

Looking back on 2018

Paragonians! 2019 has been off to a busy start! From hosting events to further developing our software, we have been working diligently to provide the Paragon community with the technology to make life in the cannabis industry a bit smoother. Before we go into our plans for the rest of 2019, we wanted to recap all of the traction we made in 2018.

Dev Updates

Our development team spent over 22,100 hours writing a total of 1,530,755 lines of code in 2018. We take pride in the developments we’ve made:


-Released a functioning web version demo of the supply chain tracking element based on smart contracts

-Paragon started planning the Cultivation and the Wallet Modules and then began development of each.


-Cultivation developments including facility management, crops and plant management, and growing environments

-Began developing the wallet summary with send/request functionality and contacts

-App development for the ParagonSpace sector

-Paragon UI interface design guidelines and Web framework on the front end/back end


-Cultivation developments including crop finalization, packaging, and request pickup

-Paragon Space developments including integration with the wallet module, and the ability to book office space with PRG

-Wallet developments for Web, iOS and Android

-Updated the Paragon UI interface guidelines and Web framework

-Development of the Paragon ecosystem skeleton and prototypes, including communication tools and ability to execute operations on the go

-Developments with the Paragon Auth Module, which is a secure authentication system that reduces the burden of login for users, by enabling them to sign in with their Paragon Account—the same account they already use with https://paragoncoin.com/ website, Paragon App and other feature apps and services


-Released a new version of Paragoncoin.com with more in-depth information about both ParagonChain and ParagonSpace

-Began Civic (https://www.civic.com) integration with the Paragon Auth Module

-Cultivation developments for Web, iOS, and Android

-Released Phase 1 of the Paragon App on Web, iOS and Android. The first functionalities include the Paragon wallet for PRG and ETH, and a portal for members to manage their ParagonSpace membership. ParagonSpace users can view booking availability for conference rooms, reserve office space, as well as pay their bill with PRG directly in the app. Within the Paragon wallet, add a user and their wallet address as a contact to simplify and speed up the process of future transactions. Users can send and receive both ETH and PRG and users can send out requests to their contacts.The request feature allows for app users to send requests to each other and include a description surrounding the payment. This feature allows users to easily identify incoming requests from contacts and review past payment history.

Breakdown of the lines of code and hours spent developing:

Wallet App
iOS code lines: 73,951
Android code lines: 55,760
Web front end: 61,942
Backend: 521,198
Cultivation Module
iOS code lines: 40,532
Android code lines: 42,659
Web front end: 70,254
Backend: 497,157
Distribution Module
iOS code lines: 11,006
Android code lines: 7,661
Web front end: 38,077
Backend: 110,558

iOS Development Time: 2,805 hours

Android Development Time: 3,130 hours

Web Client Development Time: 3,123 hours

UI/UX Development Time: 2,437 hours

Back-end and Blockchain Development Time: 10,611 hours

Over 22,100 hours writing a total of 1,530,755 lines of code in 2018

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Paragoncoin Updates

In November, we made a huge announcement:

"Paragon is making history! We’re excited to announce an important settlement we've been working on for over a year — a very positive agreement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that will effectively put an end to the uncertainties of the legal status of our PRG tokens," said Jessica VerSteeg, CEO of Paragon. "Working shoulder to shoulder with an amazing team of lawyers from Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, as well as an extremely knowledgeable team at the SEC, we have been able to reach this trailblazing deal that we expect will serve as the model for compliance for ICOs going forward."

Under the terms of the settlement, Paragon will be given the opportunity to pursue registration of the PRG tokens as a class of securities under Section 12(g) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 by filing a Form 10, and will also be issuing a claims form allowing certain eligible ICO purchasers to elect to obtain a payment for purchases of PRG tokens before and including October 15, 2017. The settlement also provides for the payment of a monetary penalty to the SEC.

“This resolution with the SEC gives Paragon the path forward to full compliance with the U.S. securities laws and clears the way for Paragon to pursue its vision of bringing transparency and accountability to the cannabis industry through blockchain technology. Paragon is proud that the PRG token is included in today's action by the SEC and are thereby being granted the opportunity to avail itself of this groundbreaking path forward while continuing to pioneer efforts and to participate in the ever evolving ICO marketplace," said Ms. VerSteeg, CEO of Paragon. "We believe many purchasers of PRG tokens share our vision of revolutionizing the cannabis industry through blockchain technology, and this action today is an important step in solidifying our compliance and furthering developments of our state-of-the-art cannabis seed-to-sale software solution and co-working space."

Paragonspace Updates

As outlined in our whitepaper, opening an office space for cannabis professionals was an important part of our plans for Paragon. The cannabis community of Hollywood, California, welcomed us with open arms.


Paragon acquired the first ParagonSpace in Los Angeles, California; the location was decided upon by the Paragon community.


ParagonSpace renovations began.

Paragon opened a pop-up on the famous Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles, California to raise awareness surrounding ParagonSpace. The pop-up included giveaways, discounts, and samples from our favorite cannabis brands. View pictures here.


Construction at ParagonSpace was completed and furniture began to arrive. Shortly after, ParagonSpace officially opened. Cannabis industry influencers and celebrities, including Matt Barnes and Chanel West Coast, attended the launch event. View pictures here.


ParagonSpace was the home for numerous events in 2018:

Max Kehs combined comedy with cannabis by throwing the “Eat Yo Veggies” Comedy event. The sold out show was hosted by Abby Roberge and featured The Lucas Brothers, Morgan Jay, Ashley Barnhill, Jamar neighbors and DJ KimiaZ.

SCCBIG held re-occurring events that included investor brunches, presentations, and MeetUps discussing all things tech, cannabis and investment.

Daily High Club held a charitable Halloween event benefiting Dana Farmer Cancer Institute. The event attracted over 200 attendees including influencers Koala Puffs, MacDizzle, Joya G, Queen Cyn, and SilencedHippie.

Blunt Talks hosted their Ted Talk inspired presentations with speakers including Sherbinskis, Sam Zartoshty, Camie Cutter, Raj Chauhan and Paragon CEO, Jessica VerSteeg. Blunt Talks featured numerous brands including Lizzy Tish Cookies, Soko, Rove, Wild Roots, High Demand Development, Sonoma Pacific, Lit Club, Grow Studios and VapeXhale.

Award nominated brand, Kurvana hosted a private luncheon on campus to debut their new CBD product line.

Kikoko, a female owned and focused cannabis tea company, held a private on-site training and educational luncheon in the ParagonSpace courtyard.

Brands We Worked With

We’ve also had the pleasure of working with other companies such as Made From Dirt, Elevate Jane, Dank City, Famous Farms, Trio Vapes, MJ Lifestyle, Mondo, Green Angels Delivery, Magic Pipe, Green Helix, Brass Monkey, Pride Wellness, LA Kush, Moose Labs, Blazy Susan, Sonoma Pacific, Sherbinskis, Lizzy Tish, Soko, Wild Roots, Lit Cub, High Demand Development, Casually Baked, Vape Xhale, Magical Butter, Deborah Lindquist, Mary Jane Swim, Kush Candles, Lucky 420 Vintage Redeaux, Grow Studios, Stony App and Civilized!

Events Attended

In efforts to connect with the industry and learn as much as possible, the Paragon team attended a plethora of educational events throughout the world:


The Paragon team attended CannaCon in Seattle, Wa. This 3 day cannabis expo and conference provided the team with invaluable insights from speakers ranging from Ph.D. Scientists to large farm growers.


Paragon CEO, Jessica VerSteeg visited the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and spoke on the panel Higher Margins Speaker Series, on the topic of cannabis manufacturing and supply chain tracking.

The Paragon team attended “Cannabis Banking: What are my options?” to hear prominent thought-leaders in the space share their insights, experiences, and ideas about the future of cannabis banking. Hearing these speakers helped reinforce the importance of our technology across the industry.

Members of the Paragon team attended multiple events to further our education and connect to the cannabis community. Events included Consensus 2018 in NYC, Cannabis Europa in London, Crypto and Cannabis, and the MJ Lifestyle launch.


Jessica VerSteeg spoke about ‘Our Digital Economy: To Crypto and Back” on the main stage at ChainXChange Conference in Las Vegas.



Paragon was a proud Sponsor of The Emerald Exchange, an event that showcases heritage small-batch cannabis cultivators and their products.


The Paragon team attended the world’s largest cannabis conference, MJ Biz Con. The team connected with some of the industry’s hottest innovators and built relationships that will enhance the future of the space.







Paragon is proud of all the press our technology garnered in 2018. Here’s a few of our favorite articles:


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Our detailed 2019 software roadmap is coming soon…
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