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We are revolutionizing the cannabis industry one step at a time - and blockchain technology sits at our core.

Paragon is tackling the industry wide problems faced by the cannabis industry. Our goal is to legitimize and provide transparency and regulatory solutions to this fractured industry.

Our first steps have been completed, including the finalization of a successful crowd-sale with tens of thousands of participants! Currently, our doctor database (part of our MVP) has been rolled out and is being expanded upon - but it certainly will not end there!

At Paragon, the community matters and where you go, we follow!

Voting is a core element of our community driven model. You, the community, get to cast votes to decide on certain decisions made by Paragon. Currently, the community can vote on the location of our very first Paragon Space - a brick and mortar co-working location that only accepts PRG!

A place for the modern busy bee and like-minded individuals to cross-pollinate great ideas. Welcome to Paragon Space!

We know how hard it is for those in the cannabis industry to rent office or desk space, so we are providing you a helping hand. Even if you aren’t working in the industry, you are still welcome too :)

Paragon Space is a unique and bold concept, befitting to the modern crypto world. Paragon Spaces offer co-working desk and office space, as well as a café, conference spaces and an in-house lab.

These high tech spaces are accessible to all, provided you pay in PRG -- we don’t accept any other form of payment.





Oct 28 2017
Voting starts for Paragon Space Location
Nov 30 2017
Voting ends
Q1 2018
Paragon Space acquired
Q2 2018
Mobile App and Wallet Release
Q2 2018
Flagship Paragon Space Opens

the paragon


Jessica VerSteeg
Chief Executive Officer
Egor Lavrov
Chief Creative Officer
Julian Zegelman
Chief Legal Officer
Giovanti Humphries
Chief Financial Officer
Gareth Rhodes
Chief Business Officer EMEA
Chuck Bogorad
Chief Strategy Officer
David Kalustov
VP of Business Development
Joshua Rogers
Chief Accounting Officer
Robert Escobar
Chief Operating Officer
Kayla Booth
PR and Marketing Manager
Alex Emelichev
Chief Business Officer EMEA
Nico Zahniser
Business Development Associate
Marina De Salis
Content & Social Media Manager
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dev team

Dmytro Chornyi
Project Manager
Olexandr Yurkevych
Dev Team Leader
Eugen Mischtschuk
Frontend Developer
Bohdan Kotelva
Web Developer
Fredrik Forsberg
Graphic / UI Designer
Ivan Opeida
DevOps Engineer
Dmytro Zhakun
Web Designer
Dmytro Horodynskyi
Web Developer

the paragon


Jayceon T. Taylor
Better known by his stage name The Game.
Sergei Sergienko
CEO of ChronoBank
Baky Soumare
Professional soccer player. CEO of The Pitch.
Paris Rouzati
Forbes 30 under 30, Chief Of Staff at Slow Ventures.
Troy von Otnott
CEO of Massive Technologies. Founder of Tribal Energy.
Juan Carlos Gómez
Director of Clinical Programs, Director of the Human Rights Clinic.
Ernesto Ovcharenko
Past experience: Network engineer at Facebook, Network Automation Engineer at CISCO.
Ryan Junee
Founder and President at Parsable, Part-Time Partner at Y Combinator.

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