May 28th, 2019

Form 10 Filing May Update


Today, Paragon is letting you know that the SEC has extended the start of the claims process for sixty days. In addition, the corresponding claims submission deadline will also be extended by the same number of days. It is now anticipated that Paragon will begin the claims process on July 27, 2019, with the claims period expiring on October 27, 2019.

Paragon is looking forward to beginning this claims process. Paragon is also making exciting progress in :

  • Welcoming new participants who are ready to demo the seed-to-sale tracking technology Paragon is in the process of developing. Among those are notable brands and vertically integrated operations, who will provide valuable feedback in order to better serve the industry.
  • The new revision of Paragon Wallet brings more security, stability, a new modern design and new functionality, including the new Maps feature that will allow Paragonians to locate licensed cannabis dispensaries nearby, starting with Los Angeles, CA.
  • Paragon CRM is expected to be rolled out with significant improvement for the official beta testing in June 2019. Paragon CRM allows network participants to manage potential market opportunities to help cannabis professionals and businesses stay organized.

Thank you, Paragonians, for your continued support.

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Best regards,
Paragon Team