March 12th, 2018

In line with Paragon’s road map, we are extremely thrilled to announce that we have acquired our first ParagonSpace in Los Angeles! The building is in escrow and is being fully paid for in crypto, slated to open July 1st 2018. The location was decided upon by the Paragon community using Paragon’s voting smart-contract, and all votes were paid for with PRG.

By April 20th 2018, we plan to have various operational systems rolled out, including the co-working space application/reservation system. We will also release our first beta version of the online Seed to Sale (OStS) tracking system and mobile app.

THE PARAGONSPACE will be accessible to anyone who is part of the Paragon community, but services will only be available to PRG coin holders. Sign-ups to use the space will be available to companies, startups and freelancers within the cannabis industry.

Within the ParagonSpace, flex desks, lounging areas and offices will be available to rent based on several different plans using PRG exclusively. Members of the community will also have access to conference rooms to host their own events and meetings. The cost of renting the space will be calculated based on the floor plan and capacity, however the average price to rent should be much more affordable when compared to the wider market.

The lounge and outside area of the building will function as an additional space for meetings, events, and a communal area for members to relax and network. Additionally there will be a Paragon Café with food and drinks available for purchase in PRG.


The building is currently going through final contingency clearance. Once this has been completed we will be able to bring renderings to life and transform the space into the first ever, crypto-only, cannabis co-working space.

The luxe, modern, creative campus is spread over 8405 feet in the heart of Hollywood. The property contains 4 buildings connected by courtyards and patios creating a beautiful open-air work environments.

Baky Soumar is anticipated to lead design renovations with his company PITCH Concepts to transform the building into a high-tech hub to serve the needs of all Paragonians. Additionally, Paragon is engaged in discussions with FUNDANNA, the leading online cannabis crowdfunding platform for startups, to unite like-minded innovators and reinforce a progressive atmosphere for collaboration within the cannabis industry. Together they will unite like-minded innovators, reinforcing a progressive atmosphere for collaboration within the cannabis industry.

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