August 23rd, 2019

Claims Process Announcement

Dear Paragonian,

As you may already know, in November of last year Paragon agreed to register PRG tokens as securities. This agreement came as a result of a settlement with the SEC. Here is the press release:

Paragon is continuing to work towards compliance with the SEC order:

We have recently filed our Form 10 and audited financial statements with the SEC:

We are now entering the Claim Period; attached is the Claim Form. All eligible PRG token purchasers wishing to do so can apply for a resciss by filing out the attached form and mailing it to

          ParagonCoin, Inc

          ParagonCoin, Inc P.O. Box 93219

          Los Angeles, CA 90093

Please note that in order for your Claim Form to be processed, it must be received at the address above on or before November 21, 2019 via registered mail, along with all of the supporting documentation.

Claimants will receive a written response within three months of the expiration date.

You are not required to do anything if you are not interested in the rescission.

We are unable to provide any legal support. For more information, please refer to the attached Claim Form.

Thank you!


Team Paragon