ParagonChain is a user friendly, vertically integrated software solution based on superior blockchain technology.

Paragon will eliminate the conflict of interest and provide: a uniform compliance system amongst industry participants; data security, reliability, and immutability with blockchain, along with quality assurance throughout the lifecycle of the product; a decentralized B2B marketplace for verified products and services with a rate and review system; automatic tracking of various applicable taxes throughout the lifecycle of the cannabis product.

Paragon Management

Paragon’s main module will connect every party in the Paragon ecosystem including cultivators, distributors, testing labs, manufacturers, and dispensaries; creating an open and decentralized marketplace for products and services in the agricultural and healthcare sectors.

Operators will be able to seamlessly track every plant, batch, strain, or product, and transfer to other licensees with the help of Paragon’s digital manifests, permanently recorded in Paragon’s immutable ledger.

Each step in the chain of custody will be encrypted and stored in a custom secure blockchain. Paragon is creating an ecosystem for every licensee in the industry, from cultivator to end user, seeking transparency, efficiency, and reliability.


Paragon takes pride in being the first truly mobile seed-to-sale tracking solution for cannabis cultivators.

The biggest advantage that we provide, besides back-end security and reliability with blockchain, is the ability to execute the most complex tasks on-the-go with the help of Paragon’s cultivation module.

There are multiple stages in the lifetime of a plant that need to be logged and reported. We take every step necessary to collect this information by using individual plant ID tags, as this will allow for efficient adjustments to every plant in the same lot. We will track every harvest batch and package all the way through from transferring to the next licensee.

To go even further, we will prompt the cultivators to create packages that could be sold directly to licensed distributors or manufacturers outside of the marketplace or transfer package data into the Paragon marketplace where participants will be able to view, select, and reserve products to purchase.

  • Assign custom titles for rooms and zones for easy management of growing environments on the cultivation site.
  • Keep track of the materials used, the hours of labor that go into production, and waste reporting.
  • Accounting features including grow reports.
  • Germification / tissue culture propagation (Nursery)
    This is very the first stage in a lifetime of the cannabis plant. Here, you can define the duration of the germification cycle, the type of lighting, humidity level, pH conditions, as well as the germification method you are using.
  • Seedling (Nursery)
    Is perhaps one of the most important stages of the cannabis plant and requires extra attention and care. Light plays a major role, so make sure to select the right amount. Provide the humidity and pH conditions to update the information in your crop. Provide the seedling method used, and report the waste.
  • Clone (Nursery)
    The clone stage is when the seed should start to grow roots after 2 weeks on average. Once roots are long enough it will be moved into a growing medium and then transferred into the full vegetative phase.
  • Vegetative
    This is the growth stage of the cannabis plant where the duration can be 2 to 3 weeks. Water intake increases during this stage, and together with light, proper vegetation is key during the accelerated growth stage. Selecting the right amount of light and type of the growing agent and additives, are the crucial pieces of information recorded in the product’s history. Control climate, and verify the transplant details if needed, report the waste, and move plants to the next stage.
  • Flowering
    The flowering stage is perhaps the longest stage and takes from 4 to 12 weeks depending on the strain. Watering is very important during this stage, and so is keeping the records of growing mediums and fertilizers used. Select the duration of the stage and separate your female flowers from male flowers to determine the number of plants in your final harvest.
  • Harvest
    This stage is the time to reap what you sow and count your yields. Weigh in your wet and dry harvest, your trim and the waste accumulated during this stage.
  • Finalizing harvest batches
    Save the crop data from all the previous phases into a smart contract. From this moment on, users will be able to create batches and prepare products for packaging. Every product is assigned an individual QR-code with every piece of information about the plant and particular strain, accumulated from the very beginning of the cultivation process.


The distribution module sits at the very heart of Paragon’s ecosystem, as distributors play a major role in the process of transferring products in between licensees, combined with repackaging and storage.

Paragon will provide further utility by allowing distributors to create different rooms within the licensed facilities and assign access to employees to maintain the inventory.

Distributors will be able to: create new shipments by selecting products from inventory, providing the dimensions of the new package(s), and specifying the recipient’s contact information. Paragon will provide easy management of vehicles and delivery personnel, as well as other depot features, such as assigning drivers to delivery orders, controlling incoming and outgoing orders, and tracking delivery progress in real time.

Scheduling and coordinating the R&D as well as the compliance testing of the products is conveniently built into the distribution module. With automation and authentication for state-mandated quarantine lab tests, we are offering the most reliable way to ensure that products are in full compliance and never leave the facility while undergoing tests.

Paragon’s dashboard will allow all parties to monitor every product in transit. It will also display where the products are warehoused as well as keeping track of individual samples in other locations. With blockchain, all participants have everything they need to know about shipments and transactions in one place. The dispatching features will allow for the transport management, coordinating and scheduling with delivery agents, and real-time reporting and safety features.


Once cannabis plants are harvested and divided into separate batches of flowers, trim, or fresh frozen, they will be transferred to the next stage—manufacturing.

Paragon’s software will only request specific data based on the product type being created. We will cover every step of the manufacturing process, from simply repackaging the flower for pre-rolls to engaging in more sophisticated manufacturing techniques, with both volatile and/or non-volatile solvents.

Operators will be able to efficiently record the input and output weights, extraction yields, terpenes, cutting agent, winterization loss, and waste, maintaining a log of every aspect in the manufacturing process, including the labor costs, product packaging, labels and more. With this feature, it will be possible to automate the delivery of recurring materials from the vendors in Paragon’s ecosystem and from outside vendors.

From keeping track of the yield percentages and terpene content in the sauce production to calculating the direct production costs, like gas or dry ice, machine operating expenses, and the prices of raw materials—everything needed to run the manufacturing business will be built into one powerful tool that will enable cannabis professionals to stay organized and make educated business decisions.

Paragon Manufacturing module will support:

  • Majority product types, including flower, pre-rolls, crude, shatter, crumble, butter, terp sauce, distillate, edibles rosin, live resin, and ice water extracts
  • Complex manufacturing operations, which include multiple product iterations and transfers in between licensees
  • Compliant packaging techniques with smart labels with QR-codes


Putting lab results on Paragon’s blockchain will protect the reputation of each lab as it will prevent suppliers from altering a lab result that is locked into a smart contract. It will also protect the companies testing products by holding the labs accountable for all results they produce, encouraging labs to properly clean the equipment between tests and have every machine properly calibrated.

Paragon Testing Lab module will allow licensed laboratories to take advantage of the reliability and trustworthiness of one of the world’s most innovative networks–Ethereum, and combine it with internal mechanisms of protecting the integrity of a decentralized B2B network of licensed cannabis operators.

The RnD and Compliance testing smart contract will be programmed to decide the outcome of the deal when results are reported. Depending on how the results are interpreted and who interprets the results, participants of the transaction will be presented with options to decide the faith of the deal and be able to proceed in a safe and compliant manner.


Paragon’s retail module will feature a fully integrated point-of-sale (POS) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems that talk directly to the consumer through Paragon’s ecosystem with tokenholders and cannabis users. The retail component will enable consumers to discover products at retail locations as well as online through Paragon Wallet.

Retail operations will have access to administrative features that allow the delegation of responsibilities, limiting employee access and minimizing risks, such as exceeding cannabis sale limits. Daily sales reports, together with other management and administrative functions, along with accounting tools and a built-in tax calculator, will be readily available in case of an audit or other discrepancies.

The home-delivery features offer a modern convenience for safe and easy access to products for those too busy to go to a dispensary or for medical patients who are unable to leave their homes; delivery may be their only salvation.