PRG: Simplifying the way you facilitate your daily operations.

Paragon verifies transactions by introducing the internal digital token for ease of use. PRG tokens can be purchased and used anywhere inside the Paragon ecosystem to automate payment processing; with encryption security and immutability of the ethereum-based blockchain ledger users are provided with a unique, affordable and seamless way of facilitating transactions. Download the PRG Wallet and get started today!

The blockchain solution that interlinks the cannabis supply chain:

ParagonChain is a suite of solutions built by Paragon for the cannabis industry. Paragon is developing a full seed-to-sale tracking solution that will integrate with all stages of the supply chain life cycle.

What makes our solution the most secure:

The Paragon seed-to-sale tracking software is being built on blockchain technology. We utilize smart-contracts because of their self-executing code that's based on certain presets. We are the first to use smart-contracts to serve the purpose of a decentralized database solution for the cannabis industry.

On the blockchain, transaction data is immutable, as are smart contracts that have been launched onto the blockchain. This means that data contained within these smart contracts cannot be changed at a later stage and cannot be hacked or removed. Further, there is a small transaction fee involved for the creation of such smart contracts. This ensures that it would be prohibitively expensive to attempt to overload the network with requests.

What this means for you:

As a cultivator, distribution company, laboratory, manufacturing company, dispensary or delivery service, you will have access to a supply chain tool that can seamlessly connect with your business partners. Moreover, you will be able to input all relevant product data throughout the lifecycle of the plant from cultivation through to the final sale. You will be able to rest assured that all data inputs cannot be manipulated after they have been finalized into smart contracts. This not only provides a piece of mind surrounding data corruption or manipulation, but also simplifies your audit procedures as the data will always remain accessible to you at a later date.

What this will mean for consumers:

Both medicinal and recreational users stand to benefit significantly from our solutions. In a day and age when consumers demand more information on their purchases, Paragon’s solution ties into this need.

Through our seed-to-sale tracking, consumers will be able to view the life cycle and history of their purchased plant. Users can view the strain, the growth conditions, and even lab results of qualifying batches.

Laboratories can test product samples from cultivators, these labs can then input the test data from the samples into the Paragon platform, connecting their test results to the harvest smart contract batch. The harvest smart contract and lab smart contracts will be interlinked through a QR code, allowing suppliers to add this QR code to their packaging. Business owners, patients, and consumers can all scan this QR code to better determine if they are receiving the promised plants and quality standards.

This can include strain information, mold detection, pesticide detection, THC and CBD levels and so forth. In addition, Governments can access all smart contract data, enabling easier auditing and certainty of data integrity.

The Cultivation Phase.

Our seed to sale tracking solution will cover all elements of the supply chain, starting with one of the largest and most complex in terms of variables – the Cultivation stage. This will be the first release stage of our seed-to-sale tracking to enter beta testing.

  • Germination
    Define duration, lighting, humidity, and pH conditions as well as the germination method you’re using. Reporting of all kinds of waste.
  • Seedling
    Define duration, lighting, room climate, growing medium, additives. Add transplant details if needed. Reporting of all kinds of waste.
  • Vegetative
    Define duration, lighting, room climate, growing medium, additives. Add transplant details if needed. Reporting of all kinds of waste.
  • Flowering
    Define duration, lighting, room climate, growing medium, additives. Reporting of all kinds of waste.
  • Harvest
    Wet/Dry harvest, trim weights. Reporting of all kinds of waste.
  • Finalize Your Crops
    Save the crop data from all phases into a smart contract, create batches and prepare for packaging.