March 12th, 2018

Cannabis Regulation

Jan, 1st 2018 light a new spark in the cannabis revolution in California, by creating the world’s largest legal cannabis market.

Team members Nico Zahniser and Giovanti Humphries went to City Hall in Los Angeles to speak with several regulators about permits and ordinances that are crucial to the new infrastructure of legal cannabis development.

“It was very important to see the final ordinance written to have a solidified roadmap of the future”, - Said Paragon CEO, Jessica VerSteeg

One of our pillars of success at Paragon is that we strive to focus on the long-term education process. Many cannabis startups do not have the right answers to questions like: are my buildings in proper zoning?

We highly encourage new US entrepreneurs is to check out - this will help with the first steps of understanding some of the new regulations in broad terms.


This industry’s regulation is still in its infancy. ParagonSpaces will help play an important role in transitioning the industry to a more accessible one.

One of the things we are looking to implement in our ParagonSpace is bringing in expertise on some of the legislation from across the USA. When dealing with a business from state to state, you want to make ensure you are well informed.

ParagonSpaces has several discussions going on how to connect all of these new innovative cannabis projects. We will be providing startups with not only a home, but expand upon like-mindedness inside our co-working environment.


Paragon and the 1st US regulated crowdfunding platform for cannabis companies.

Paragon has engaged in discussions with FUNDANNA, the leading online cannabis crowdfunding platform for startups. The partners plan to work together in uniting like-minded innovators within the cannabis industry.

Fundanna is the 1st regulated crowdfunding platform for cannabis businesses where retail investors have the opportunity to invest in cannabis startups.

Part of the engagement will be used to help cannabis startups by providing real estate and event space in the Los Angeles area.

This allows for whole new possibilities of connecting startups with experts in the cannabis field. While FUNDANNA provides a great means of raising capital, ParagonSpaces functions as a hub for building out new businesses.

Problems ParagonSpaces and Fundanna are solving

  • Capital for cannabis startups
  • Co-working space for the industry
  • Connecting global communities and like-minded people
  • Helping to bring education to the cannabis environment
  • Connecting entrepreneurs with industry experts through workshops

Together, ParagonSpaces and Fundanna will cause a ripple effect of successful entrepreneurship in the cannabis industry.

Read more on FUNDANNA Here

Pitch Concepts

Paragon has begun elaborate planning on interior and exterior design for our coworking space with PITCH Concepts, owned by Baky Soumare. Together with Pitch, we plan on transforming the campus into a high-tech hub to help service members of our community. You can check out some building design work done by Pitch on their website to get a feel of their outstanding style!

Read more about Baky and Pitch here


The North American Bitcoin Conference was held in Miami to start the new year. Keynote speaker, Dr. Patrick Byrne CEO at & Founder, tØ.com, drove home the issue of using cryptography for integrating securely distributed ledgers with existing markets.

“Blockchain has the ability to reduce settlement time costs, increase transparency, efficiency and auditability.” Said, Byrne.

Some of the well-known business were in attendance as well, Shapeshift, RSK, Bitpay, Bread,Netki, and more. Some of the hardware being setup live was a GPU miner, as well as a 3D printer making physical bitcoin.

In February, the business team headed to CannaCon in Seattle, WA. CannaCon is a 3 day expo and conference in Seattle focused on the cannabis industry. According to their website, CannaCon is the largest cannabis trade show in the world. Their mission is to create a venue for investors, entrepreneurs, and all aspects of the community to showcase their venture. Parts of Paragon’s business development team were in attendance. The speakers at the event ranged from Ph.D. scientist to large farm growers.

We had the chance to talk with many of the labs and farms from the US, and help them understand how important blockchain will be for their supply chain.

Future Developments

Paragon has been incredibly busy in Q1, we are working to get everything in-line with the roadmap. With beta development software nearing completion, we have several cannabis companies lined up to use our software.

As we move into Q2, we have some very exciting projects underway. More details will be to follow, about some of the pilot projects we expect to deploy.

Have you ever attended any Cannabis events? Do you have any plans to attend any this year? If you’ve been to any cannabis conventions let us in the comments or in Telegram.

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