March 12th, 2018
Paragon has a big update!

ParagonSpace Announcement

Paragonians! We promised you big news this month, and the big news has arrived. We have secured the location for the first ever ParagonSpace in Los Angeles and will be paying exclusively in cryptocurrency. The purchase of this building represents one of the first all crypto real estate deals of its kind! On top of all that - our first building will be in the heart of Hollywood!

Our planned opening date is the 1st of July - so get your PRG wallets ready! Sign-ups for the space will be up and running on the 20th of April, so be sure to apply for space before it’s all gone. Don’t worry though, we will send you a reminder in advance!

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Business Development in Progress

Paragon has begun ideating on interior and exterior design for our coworking space with PITCH Concepts, owned by Baky Soumare. Together we plan to transform the campus into a high-tech hub to help service members of our community. Baky and Pitch are the go to experts for combining modern and chill designs into an efficient working space.

Check out to see some of the awesome projects they’ve done so far.

Paragon has engaged in discussions with FUNDANNA, the leading online cannabis crowdfunding platform for startups. We plan on working together to unite like-minded innovators within the cannabis industry. Fundanna is the first regulated crowdfunding platform for cannabis businesses where retail investors have the opportunity to invest in cannabis startups.

Users of the platform can pitch their idea to the board at Fundanna, then once approved, the company can receive investment. It’s an extremely exciting project as seeing the success of other crowdfunding platforms, we see the huge opportunity here. Part of the engagement will be used to help cannabis startups by providing real estate and event space in the Los Angeles area. Events held out of ParagonSpaces will range from exclusive celebrity events to cannabis regulation workshops, where we will bring in regulators and industry experts to help with the process of creating a fully compliant cannabis company.

This allows for whole new possibilities of connecting startups with experts in the cannabis field. It provides companies anywhere in the USA who raise capital on their platform to use ParagonSpaces as a means of fulfilling their cannabis enterprise. Paragon wants to open its arms to as many young entrepreneurial cannabis minded individuals as possible and provide them with the best resources available.

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Our supply chain tracking solution is not just on steroids, it’s on smart-contracts! For the past 6 months, our dev team has been working extremely hard to develop our seed-to-sale tracking solution.

Currently, our tracking solution is about to enter its pilot stage with several key industry players participating. Before long, you will all be able to scan QR codes and review the full life cycle of the product.


While smart-contracts have been around for a few years now, nobody has been utilizing them quite the way we do! In order to better understand how smart-contracts work for storing data fields, and why they are a much better alternative to local databases, we want you to test this way of working!

Our team has prepared an elaborate demo to illustrate how our smart-contracts interconnect and form the essential part of our supply chain tracking. Within this demo you will be able to add supply chain data, such as new farmers and labs or harvest data for a specific batch. Within this demo, you will also be able to create QR code labels for harvests, linking to the smart-contract data of a particular product. Visit the full article through the link below for more information on this demo and how to use it yourself!

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For the coders, devs and hackers among you - we invite you to visit our GitHub page and check out the new pushes we have made!

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News about Paragon is spreading - we’ve recently been featured in PopSugar, Uproxx, and Merry Jane, to name a few! Also, as mentioned in our last newsletter, the Paragon team were lucky to attend quite a few events & conferences this year already. Check out our Facebook Albums page to see some of our latest behind-the-scenes photos of the team in action.

Want to learn more about blockchain, crypto and cannabis? Check out these latest articles from our team that are trending across the press:


We’re so grateful for all the support we’ve received from our Paragon community - thanks for sticking with us! To say thank you we are hosting a giveaway for some exclusive Paragon swag. Winners will be announced on Thursday 22nd March! To enter:

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