Paragon is changing the cannabis industry as you know it.

We believe in transparency and innovation. Paragon is building the next generation of seed-to-sale tracking software based on blockchain, while offering cannabis entrepreneurs a high tech co-working environment.

Paragon is working to make the cannabis industry safer, more transparent, and more accessible.

We aim to empower individuals and businesses with the right information and state of the art tools to overcome the challenges this industry faces.

We recognize and understand the need for new solutions to existing problems in the cannabis industry, and our tools are being built to provide the stability, enhanced verification, and legitimacy that is required.

ParagonCoin (PRG) is the cryptographic token used in the Paragon ecosystem. With PRG, it’s possible to quickly, easily, and verifiably transfer funds B2C or B2B, for ParagonSpace members to pay for their rental and event bills, and as a transactional fee to make network overload attempts prohibitively expensive.

ParagonChain is the collective name of the suite of solutions built by Paragon for the cannabis industry.

Paragon is developing a full seed-to-sale tracking solution that will integrate with all stages of the supply chain life cycle.

Cultivators can input all their relevant crop data and growth cycles, from germination to the final harvest. Harvested batches become smart contracts which are linked to the remaining journey of the plant through transportation, distribution, lab testing, and the point of sales.

This approach ensures that database information cannot be tampered with at a later stage, nor can it be removed, thereby making audits easier.

ParagonChain is currently working on finalizing the Cultivation phase of the seed-to-sale tracking solution.

ParagonSpace is where like minded individuals come together to cross pollinate, share ideas, grow their networks, and attend great events.

Location Location Location

Location matters, and ParagonSpace is right where you want it to be - in the shadow of the Netflix building and just off Sunset Boulevard.

A Hub for Innovation

Focus on your business goals for achieving success - we’ll make it easy for you to meet great people, expand your network, and attend hosted events.

Affordable & High Tech

From hot desks to private offices, we offer fantastic rates and amenities you’ll love. Get your work done in comfort and enjoy a cup of revitalizing coffee while you are at it. Need to book a conference room or add an employee? Get it sorted in our App within no time.

The Paragon team.

  • Jessica Versteeg
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Egor Lavrov
    Chief Creative Officer
  • Alice Moon
    Public Relations Manager
  • Brit June
    Business Development Associate
  • Vadym Kurylovich
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Andrew Mudryk
    CEO of Paragon Ukraine
  • Dmytro Chornyi
    Project Manager
  • Olexandr Yurkevych
    Dev Team Leader
  • Fredrik Forsberg
    Lead Designer
  • Eugen Mischtschuk
    Frontend Developer
  • Bohdan Kotelva
    Web Developer
  • Dmytro Horodynskyi
    Web Developer
  • Ivan Opeida
    DevOps Engineer
  • Dmytro Zhakun
    Web Designer
  • Oksana Pylypenko
    iOS developer
  • Oksana Dychok
    iOS developer
  • Yura Stetsyk
    Android developer
  • Taras Smakula
    Android developer
  • Priscilla
    Paragon mascot


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